Foreclosure Opportunity in Dayton, OH

I have a quick opportunity to acquire an asset in Dayton, Ohio. This asset is already in active foreclosure. We would pick this up in that process and complete for a quick profit.

Dayton, OH - $52,000 Note

Recent BPO Value: $80,000
UPB: $64,431
Payoff thru 02/28/17 $85,577
Interest Rate: 3.00% ~ Previous HAMP, breached
Next Payment Due: 02/01/2016

With an Investor Deposit of $52,000 to cover note acquisition and foreclosure costs, selling near a value of $80,000, that produces a rough profit of $28,000, equally split.An ROI at 54%.

Ohio foreclosure is a judicial foreclosure with the average process time at 217 days. There are no redemption rights in an Ohio foreclosure.

This is a nice property to acquire and continue to foreclose. Download the entire enhanced property profile.

Please let me know quickly if you have interest. Bid’s are due Friday. I will continue to upload information in the Dropbox file as I obtain it.

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