Game Over! What’s Tomorrow?

That was a great game. Thrilling right up until the end. The game was undecided until the final pass hits the ground. Game over. A new champion. Now what? Are you one of the 13.9 million that will call in sick, what they call Super Sick Monday? According to the website CareerBuilder, here are some of the craziest excuses employees have used for calling in sick:

Employee was bit by a duck.
Employee said her roots were showing and she had to keep her hair appointment because she looked like a mess.
Employee was bowling the game of his life and couldn’t make it to work.
Employee was experiencing traumatic stress from a large spider found in her home. She had to stay home to deal with the spider.
Employee said he had better things to do.

For me, I’m back at it, both my regular day job and spending the evening hours working on buying notes in February. But first, let’s look at January. I bought 4 notes in January. I almost had 5 but a hedge fund is wavering. I was awarded the bid, but now they seem to be withdrawing their award. Could happen this week, but my optimism wanes each day. Including the photo above, here are some images of the other 3 assets purchased in January:

Those 4 assets represent over $300,000 in value, roughly $290,000 in UPB, plus about another $60,000 – $70,000 in total past due payments. Of which the total paid to acquire these notes is roughly 45% of UPB, and about 44% of value. Great assets in great cities, with the intent to keep these homeowners in their homes. I am already in discussion with one of the homeowners and they are willing to cooperate. The other 3 I am turning over to my loss mitigation attorney to work his magic. What we aim for is 4 happy homeowners, a handsome reward to the investors that funded these transactions, and building a bigger pipeline to service more note sellers. All of these have targeted at least a 30% rate of return on an annualized basis.

And there are more just like these out there. All I need is you. If assisting homeowners stay in the house, and receiving a great return on your investment, all on a purely passive basis (which means I do all the work), then give me a ring. I cut a check to an investor over the weekend for over $2,000 which represent some payments from an asset they funded last spring. As we work to get this homeowner current and back on track, more of these will be disbursed. It’s great helping people be happy.

I hope your team was the winner. Either way, it was a great game. The players, coaches, back office, staff and everyone associated with each team get a day off tomorrow. Are you taking the day off? Are you calling in sick? What is your excuse? Or are you ready to make a difference, right where you are. Help me work to make American housing great again, one mortgage at a time.

By the way, for those of you that are not connected with me on Facebook, I do a Facebook Live almost every Friday. I call these my #FridayStroll. I upload them to my YouTube channel. I spend about 5 minutes with a quick “what’s happening” chat ~ one what of course. I invite you to link on over to my YouTube channel and listed. Tell me what you think. Here’s a link:

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions on passively investing in promissory notes secured by residential real estate, please touch base. As you can see, this is a viable business and there are real deals out there.

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