Non-Performing Notes Wanted

We are looking for non-performing 1st lien notes on residential 1 – 4 family properties.

First Quarter 2017

Trinity National Holdings, LLC is actively purchasing distressed notes to add to its own portfolio. We’ve been involved in purchasing distressed and toxic assets from banks and other lending institutions since 2013. We are currently looking to deploy our capital in key markets across the US. We typically prefer assets in the $35,000 ~ $125,000 value range. Should the property be occupied by the original borrower, our model desires to find a solution that would provide for the borrower to remain in the property.

We would love the opportunity to review and assets or loan portfolios that you might be looking to move before the end of the year. Again, we are purchasing for our own portfolio and our network of investors across the country give us the flexibility as a boutique buyer.

I encourage you to check out my LinkedIn profile, then please don’t hesitate to give a call to personally discuss.

We look forward to a new and continued business now and through 2017!

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